Director of Worship

Position Summary

The goal of the Rosenberg First Director of Worship is to provide spiritual, volunteer, and musical leadership to worship services at Rosenberg First. This position also provides support and leadership in other areas of ministry, working collaboratively with the Rosenberg First team.

Compensation and Supervision

Status: Part-time, Salaried, Exempt
Hours: 15 Hours per week
Salary: $24K
Organizational Relationship and Supervision: Supervised by the Senior Pastor in cooperation with the Staff Parish Relations committee.

Primary Responsibilities

•Leading the choir and worship band in all Rosenberg First worship services
•Overseeing Worship Teams leaders (Head Greeter, Lay Reader, Communion)
•Worship planning for regular and special worship services in collaboration with the senior pastor
Creating worship slides
•Supervising the A/V Team
•Leading musical outreach efforts, like Family Events, Pumpkin Patch, Campfire Christmas, etc.
*Plans to take leadership with hand-bell choir, children/youth choir, and in additional worship service(s) as Rosenberg First grows

Outcomes & Results (success will result in)

•Love Jesus: By creating services where worshippers are engaged, singing, praying, learning, laughing; creating an environment where people are excited to be part of worship

•Connect with Others: By creating opportunities for choir and band members to connect through prayer, rehearsals, and special events
•Serve the World: By leading so that people are inspired to serve inside and outside the walls of the church; cultivating a strong music program where volunteers are developed, grown, and serving in significant ways in worship
•Reach the Lost: By designing worship so that new, non-religious, and nominally-committed people are accounted for, led, and challenged to take their next steps in faith

Primary Activities

•Weekly: worship services, choir rehearsal, worship band rehearsal, and staff meeting
•Yearly: worship planning, special services leadership, musical outreach efforts


•4+ years of effective ministry experience
•Preferred: Bachelor’s Degree
•Proven ability to lead worship services musically and spiritually
•Proven ability to lead volunteers and develop leaders

Personal Characteristics

•Displays a growing relationship with Jesus Christ
•Has a love for God and a passion for worship

•Positive, energetic, and enjoyable
•Team player who works collaboratively with others.
•Innovative, self-starter
•Proven willingness to be flexible and take on new tasks as needed
•Teachable, accountable, sacrificial


•Agreement with the Employee Handbook of Rosenberg First
•Alignment with Rosenberg First’s mission, vision, and theology within the Wesleyan Tradition
•Expansion of the position will be related to numeral and financial growth of Rosenberg First


Office Building

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