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Stewardship is our opportunity to invest in what God is doing here at Rosenberg FUMC. We give from the abundant gifts we have first received and we give because generosity is at the heart of who God is.

2021 Campaign: Mission Minded

Exploring our unique calling and invitation in God's mission to love and change the world.

We have been working over the course of the year to reimagine our role in God’s mission to love and change the world through Rosenberg FUMC. Our stewardship focus will invite us to explore 5 principles involved in a mission minded approach to church life. Throughout these five weeks, we’ll be challenged to consider our financial and other commitments to the church for 2022.

Core Principles

10/17/21 - Build around relationships, not accomplishments - Our ultimate goal in all that we do is to build authentic relationships more than to accomplish any particular, concrete task. The right relationship in the right time and place is the spark that changes everything. Care must be taken to structure events in such a way that space for relationship building - both within the church and especially making new connections with our neighbors - is at the forefront of every decision. (Luke 10:41-42 - Mary and Martha - “There is need of only one thing.”)

10/24/21 - Partnership is better than Empowerment is better than Ignorance - Our ultimate goal is to bring the gifts of our neighbors and partners to light and celebrate all that is already present. At times, a top down approach may be necessary to empower others through education, skills training, or resource sharing. Doing so is better than remaining ignorant of the needs of others, but we must recognize that our neighbors and partners have at least as much to offer to the world as we can offer to them. Inspiring bottom up moments of mutual transformation is almost always more life giving than thinking we have all the top down answers. (Acts 10:47 - Peter and Cornelius)

10/31/21 - Changing lives, not growing institutions - Our ultimate goal is to find joy and growth through participation in God’s mission to love and change the world. Doing the work requires the funding, structure, and tradition of the church and other institutions. Institution is a necessary tool and the place from which we are sent; transformation out in the world is our actual goal. The unchanging gospel must continually be shared in a way that a rapidly changing world can hear it.  (Acts 1:6-8 - From Jerusalem to the ends of the Earth) 

11/7/21 - With is better than For is better than Alone - Our ultimate goal is to come alongside people and work together in the exercise of the gifts we each bring to the table. At times it may be necessary to act for our neighbors due to urgency, skill levels, or other factors. Acting for others is better than not acting at all, but opportunities should be sought to engage neighbors as coworkers wherever possible. (John 1:14 - Emmanuel)

11/14/21 - Investment is better than transaction is better than nothing - Our ultimate goal through all programs and donations is to invest in the lives of our people and our neighbors and to do so in such a way that we can see the long term fruit of relationship, leadership, and transformation grow out of the things we do along the way. However, a one time interaction or transaction is better than nothing and is sometimes the best possible option for the circumstances. (Matthew 25:14-30 - Parable of the buried talents)

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